Working Test in Paltamo 16.1.2016

Even though, there is only a little snow here this winter, the Working trial for sleddogs was organised in Paltamo. We haven’t been able to train our dogs too much either but still 5 dogs participated in the test. The judge was Eija Hakkarainen. All of them got accepted results and our first-timers Pepe and Niila got excellent REKÄ-YLE1 results. Congratulations!

Snowmist Jet Black Joker “Pepe” REKÄ-YLE1, 55 p.
Snowmist Legendary Poet “Niila” REKÄ-YLE1, 53 p.
Snowmist Energy Bomb “Hönö” REKÄ-YLE2, 48 p.
Snowmist Kindly Tickle “Unna” REKÄ-YLE2, 49 p.
Snowmist An Cat Dubh “Aura” REKÄ-YLE3, 42 p.

Paltamon käyttökoe, Annan valjakko
Anna’s team is waiting
Annan valjakko Paltamon käyttökokeessa
Anna’s team in Working test
Sannan valjakkoPaltamon käyttökokeessa
Sanna’s team in Working test