Working and racing trials 5.-6.3.2016

Snowmist Sledding Team spent the weekend in traditional Aanivalakiat Working and Racing trials in the beginning of March. During this weekend Snowmist Jet Black Joker “Pepe”, owner Nina Rotko, and Snowmist Invincible Together “Rilla”, owner Mirva Mantere, achieved their Finnish Working Champion titles. Lots of congrats!

On Saturday 5.3.2016 was Working trial for sleddogs, where 7 Snowmist samoyeds and our Russian import Musse took part.

Judge was Eija Hakkarainen.

Working test results:
Snowmist Jet Black Joker ”Pepe” REKÄ-YLE1, 56 p.
Moon Madness Iz Moskovskoy Metely ”Musse” REKÄ-YLE1, 53 p.
Snowmist Legendary Poet “Niila” REKÄ-YLE2, 50 p.
Snowmist Eeny Meeny Miny Mo “Mopo” REKÄ-YLE2, 48 p.
Snowmist Energy Bomb “Hönö” REKÄ-YLE2, 47 p.
Snowmist Mysterious Ways “Turo” REKÄ-YLE2, 46 p.
Snowmist Kindly Tickle “Unna” REKÄ-YLE3, 44 p.
Snowmist An Cat Dubh “Aura” REKÄ-JOH0, 0 p.

On Sunday 6.3.2016 was Racing trial for sleddogs. Snowmist samoyeds competed in the Race with 5 different Sled Teams.

Racing trial results:

2. place Anni Siermala, 0:46:51, result REK2

Snowmist Wild And Woolly
Snowmist Hold Your Horses
Snowmist Invincible Together
Gaddegoaskin Davvi Diamanta

4. place Riitta Tuomaala, 0:50:03, result REK2

Snowmist Touch Of Magic
Moon Madness Iz Moskovskoy Metely
Snowmist Mysterious Ways
Snowmist Barcelona Forever

5. place Kristiina Joensuu, 0:55:24, result REK3

Snowmist Hidden Saga Of Magic
Snowmist You Can Do Magic
Snowmist Energy Bomb
Assandine’s Luminance

6. place Sanna Miikkulainen, 0:57:33, result REK0

Snowmist Xtreme Dudeson
Snowmist Kindly Tickle
Snowmist Full Tilt
Snowmist Legendary Poet

7. place Nina Rotko, 0:58:56, result REK0

Snowmist Jet Black Joker
Voga’s Choice Of Heart
Assandine’s Luminiferous

Well done everyone! Congratulations!

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